IP Security

Regardless of the size of your operation, a desire to keep assets inside and threats outside is crucial for business safety and profitability

CCTV - ITS understands the need for high bandwidth capacity on cables being used for CCTV. We can install, Terminate and Test both copper and fibre cables for this. We also offer a wide range of traditonal anologue and IPcameras, recording devices and other security products. We have a proven track record in ensuring our customer sites are covered by security devices to help prevent and capture any intusions.

Door Access - Our electronic access control security systems give you the power to manage the flow of people into, around and out of your buildings to help protect your premises and staff. Our Door access control systems do more than simply lock and unlock doors. Door locks can be replaced with a keyfob to stop the cost of lost key, users access can be controlled in a way that only certain people are allowed in certaint areas at certain times. All of this is programmed, registered and logged on a central computer system.

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